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Interactive Film Classes

We are happy to announce a series of interactive film classes with Oisin Cregan at the Beechwood Parish Community Centre.

Oisin will provide a film class that introduces many aspects of film making. The goal is to create a new film community in Dublin. One which is collaborative, supportive and welcoming to all those who are interested in taking part in the film making process.

This workshop will allow attendees to experience interpreting, acting out and filming a scene from a popular movie. You will have the opportunity to experiment with a script and decide how to perform it.

If this lesson sounds interesting to you please follow the link below to find more details about the event and the group as a whole.

You are welcome to come out and join the activity, either trying something new or sharing your experience with a friendly group who share a common goal.

Checkout this Meetup with Rough and Ready Film Shorts, Dublin:


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