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4D Planning in Heritage Areas

Please join us for this year's Deirdre Kelly Colloquium 2023: 4D Planning in Heritage Areas with guest speakers:

  • Rob Curley, Maremoto Architects

  • Tom Phillips, Tom Phillips and Assoc. Planning Consultants

  • Colm Casey, Homebuyers Hero

A case can be made that 2D planning has failed us and that 3D urban block planning (and architectural design) is the way to go.

Architect Rob Curley will speak broadly to this theme. But the 3D model is silent about the future i.e. sustainability and the past i.e. our existing natural and built heritage that also requires effective planning. 

The needed 4th Dimension for good planning is time, an arrow facing backwards to our rich natural and built heritage and forward into the yet-to-be future.

Tom Phillips will speak to the theme of protecting and celebrating our natural heritage along the Dodder River.

Colm Casey will speak to the theme of renewing and re-purposing our existing / heritage buildings. 

All three speakers and the audience will add the future arrow of time in the panel and audience discussions.

Suggested donation is 10 euro to cover costs and 20 euro if you are feeling generous. 1 euro for students.


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