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Ranelagh Arts Festival Raffle 
Support us buy a ticket at the festival or at 6 Ranelagh

5 Euro for one strip of 5 tickets
10 euros for 3 strips

Prizes are:

  • Signed Irish Rugby Shirt

  • Limited print by Monika Crowley

  • Hat by Milliner Aoife Harrison

  • Ranelagh Arts T-Shirt

  • Silver Jewellery by deBlaca Jewellery

  • Silver Jewelly by @Roisin_Isime

  • Tickets for Rough Magic Theatre

  • Voucher for Anastasia

  • Voucher for the Tap House

  • Bottles of wine

  • Butlers Chocolates 

  • Child's Ipad holder - Smurf Tech 

  • Voucher Gray &Co 

  • Voucher Er Buchetto

and many more.

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