Monika Crowley - Solo Show 

SINK A solo show by Monika Crowley

Opening at No 6. Ranelagh Arts, 5-8pm Thursday 17th November

Ranelagh Arts are delighted to host SINK, an exhibition by Monika Crowley showcasing our gallery space at No 6. SINK is a conceptually and visually rich body of work employing a variety of methodologies and materials across installation, silkscreen works on paper, monotype prints on tea-towels, oil paintings on canvas and board, and video. Crowley is a member of the Graphic Print Studio and in 2022 has exhibited in group shows there, at the Crawford Gallery, Cork, and curated several exhibitions for Ranelagh Arts at No 6 as creative director of their visual arts program. This is her first solo presentation in 2022.

Crowley describes her practice as ‘exploring the trauma of change and identity crisis, utilising mundane objects in a symbolic, transformative manner’. In one sense, the objects depicted in ‘Sink’ couldn’t be more quotidian or mundane. They are the functional objects we handle on a daily basis, often while our minds are elsewhere.  While ‘kitchen sink’ has attained the status of a genre within drama, we tend not to think of the objects themselves as art. Yet in Crowley’s work, these domestic objects – cups and glasses; pots and pans; cutlery and scouring pads – are placed center stage. There is a symbolism to the objects she depicts and, in representing the daily and cyclical (even Sisyphean) task of feeding, cleaning, and nurturing, she alludes to domesticity and all of its messy, joyful, fraught, intense, life-affirming, mundane, profound and necessary qualities.

In celebrating the domestic, further symbolism is at play: that of the dualism of the mother and the artist/maker. Ultimately, it’s a conflict that the artist makes look easy. In referring to it as a ‘labour of love’, it’s one which, on one level, she cherishes while also refusing to idealise. These moments are viewed through the representation of it’s aftermath – the detritus of a meal, the washing up. Under each painting, the date, memory, and moment are recorded as a diary entry, inscribed on the panels that may reveal themselves through the passage of time. Above the paintings hangs a series of monoprints on tea towel canvases. Each towel a record of a kitchen utensil that has been given the significance of a religious artifact, hung high on a washing line like prayer flags above the gallery space. There is a complexity, hidden within these so-called ‘mundane’ objects – which become less so, transformed in Crowley’s hands, these pieces are more than still-lifes, rather they are ‘life stills’.

Please join us for the opening at Ranelagh Arts on Thursday 17th November from 5-8pm, the exhibition runs until the 24th of November.

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Ranelagh Arts Festival 2022

Spring Turning 2022

Ranelagh Arts will mark the Celtic 'Years Turnings' aka 'Quarter Year' aka 'Fire Festivals' to regularly highlight our relationships with Mother Earth and all who sail in her through the infinite Cosmos. The Spring Turning ‘Imbolc’ is better known now as Féile Bhride/ St Brigids Day. It is not the start of the Celtic Year as you might assume; that is the Winter Turning ‘Samhain’ / Halloween. Imbolc is set in the depths of Winter when the ‘stretch in the evenings’ triggers the emergence of hope. This Spring Turn is particularly sweet after two long years of lockdown and restrictions.

We are starting small and virtually with the first Spring Turn but our ambition is big. The Summer Turn ‘Bealtaine’ is on the eve of 1st of May, the Autumn Turn, ‘Lunasa’ on the eve of 1st August and finally the Winter Turn ‘Samhain’ you guessed it, the eve of 1st November.

Ranelagh Arts hereby invites Poets, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Thespians and Artists; especially those living locally, especially those starting out, especially those who have had to overcome obstacles to express their creativity, to get in touch directly to to help create Cosmic Year Turns experiences for everyone.

Because it is a fundamental policy of Ranelagh Arts to pay artists first and well, it is up to our loyal local community and very welcome visitors, to determine how fabulously the Years Turn’s will be marked. We have no fancy Arts Centre nor do we enjoy lavish public funding so expect early requests for donations and sponsorship in the coming months.

Watch out for announcement here of important event in honour of Ranelagh local hero, Deirdre Kelly.

Director, Monika Crowley will be getting in touch too about the doings in No. 6