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"Lost in Thought" - Welcoming you inside the mind of PIGSY

Irish artist PIGSY presents his latest artworks in a new exhibition "Lost in Thought" opening on the 21st of April 2023 in Ranelagh Arts at 6pm. This exhibition brings together recently created works by PIGSY and is themed around a small space with a big impression, with PIGSY describing it as "Big Ideas in a Small Space". The series of artwork invites the viewer into the manic chaotic workings of Dublin based artist PIGSY, by vacillating between influences such as Jean-Michel Basquiat’s street poetry, Cy Twombly's high-art graffiti and the naivety of Purvis Young's work. The playful multi-layered, deep thinking artistic storytelling expressionist style of PIGSY, that has garnered acclaim over the past decade, is fully explored in this exhibition, while unapologetically blurring the lines between outsider, street art, punk poetry and expressionist art. With an exhibition layout that is contrary to most conventional art gallery layouts, PIGSY says that his "intent for this show is to prove to myself that the creation of the work is the most important thing. In making the art comes peace, and how the work is shown is secondary". It is for this reason that the art in this show is displayed in an unstructured and space encompassing layout.

Additionally as part of "Lost in Thought", PIGSY invites the viewer to interact with, and fully investigate his energetic, spontaneous, and fast-paced creative process through augmented reality. Embedded within each artwork are subliminal messages and extracted 3D layers of art that viewers can access through the use of the Artivive app on their mobile device. "This is my first time using this exciting new technology" explains PIGSY and "the technology facilitates me in creating new layered dimensions of art by linking my studio painted artworks with additional 3D augmentations. The additional dimensions add to the viewer experience and give new creative possibilities to expand my artistic storytelling that can be unlocked by any smartphone or tablet".

PIGSY's "Lost in Thought" runs from Friday 21st of April to 5th of May 2023 in Ranelagh Arts Centre on Ranelagh Main Street. Art Exhibition Information Artist: PIGSY Title: "Lost in Thought" Location: Ranelagh Arts Centre, No. 6 Main Street Ranelagh (opposite the Luas Station) Dates: 21st April 2023 to the 5th of May 2023 Opening Night: 21st April 2023, 6pm PIGSY website: PIGSY Film - click here PIGSY Instagram


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