Monika Crowley - Solo Show 

SINK A solo show by Monika Crowley

Opening at No 6. Ranelagh Arts, 5-8pm Thursday 17th November

Ranelagh Arts are delighted to host SINK, an exhibition by Monika Crowley showcasing our gallery space at No 6. SINK is a conceptually and visually rich body of work employing a variety of methodologies and materials across installation, silkscreen works on paper, monotype prints on tea-towels, oil paintings on canvas and board, and video. Crowley is a member of the Graphic Print Studio and in 2022 has exhibited in group shows there, at the Crawford Gallery, Cork, and curated several exhibitions for Ranelagh Arts at No 6 as creative director of their visual arts program. This is her first solo presentation in 2022.

Crowley describes her practice as ‘exploring the trauma of change and identity crisis, utilising mundane objects in a symbolic, transformative manner’. In one sense, the objects depicted in ‘Sink’ couldn’t be more quotidian or mundane. They are the functional objects we handle on a daily basis, often while our minds are elsewhere.  While ‘kitchen sink’ has attained the status of a genre within drama, we tend not to think of the objects themselves as art. Yet in Crowley’s work, these domestic objects – cups and glasses; pots and pans; cutlery and scouring pads – are placed center stage. There is a symbolism to the objects she depicts and, in representing the daily and cyclical (even Sisyphean) task of feeding, cleaning, and nurturing, she alludes to domesticity and all of its messy, joyful, fraught, intense, life-affirming, mundane, profound and necessary qualities.

In celebrating the domestic, further symbolism is at play: that of the dualism of the mother and the artist/maker. Ultimately, it’s a conflict that the artist makes look easy. In referring to it as a ‘labour of love’, it’s one which, on one level, she cherishes while also refusing to idealise. These moments are viewed through the representation of it’s aftermath – the detritus of a meal, the washing up. Under each painting, the date, memory, and moment are recorded as a diary entry, inscribed on the panels that may reveal themselves through the passage of time. Above the paintings hangs a series of monoprints on tea towel canvases. Each towel a record of a kitchen utensil that has been given the significance of a religious artifact, hung high on a washing line like prayer flags above the gallery space. There is a complexity, hidden within these so-called ‘mundane’ objects – which become less so, transformed in Crowley’s hands, these pieces are more than still-lifes, rather they are ‘life stills’.

Please join us for the opening at Ranelagh Arts on Thursday 17th November from 5-8pm, the exhibition runs until the 24th of November.

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Ranelagh Arts Festival 2022

Our Summer Art Exhibition is Open!

No.6 Ranelagh was formally opened to the community with its first art exhibition, curated by Monika Crowley and a team of artist volunteers. Who knew so many pictures could fit in our tiny space?

Chair Emer O'Siochru gave a short introduction, proclaiming No.6 open for business and celebrated the wonderful creative exploration of the artists, before the artists, their families and supporters renewed their enjoyment of the display, the wine, fine weather and craic.

Drop in and see the amazing display of artworks, all so varied in style and subject. There is something in No. 6 for everyone to enjoy and to buy, if you take a notion. The exhibition is live for every afternoon for 4 weeks Tuesdays to Sundays so there is no excuse to miss it.


1. ‘King’, Conleth Gent, 53 x 25 x 17, Bronze, 1/5, - Price: €1600 2. ‘Balagan (ןגלב)’, Alex Gur. 50 x 60, Acrylic on Canvas, - Price: €500 3. ‘Sunset’, Roisin Ni Ghuidhir, 11 x 11, Enamel on Copper, - Price: €250 4. ‘Sky Storm I’, Derval Tubridy, 20 x 25 Acrylic, resin and bitumen on gesso panel - Price: €275 5. ‘The Edge of the Forest’, Ruth Egan, 36.5 x 30.5, oils on copper plate. - Price: € 200 6. ‘Other Wordly III’, Mary O’Connor, 15 x 20, Painting on panel framed - Price: €350 7. ‘Yellow Cushion, Chair &Winerack', Irene O’Neill, 44 x 66, Ink, wash, pen on paper, - Price: €425 8. ‘Market Day’, Jessica Daly, 17.5 x 22, Monoprint - Price: €250 9. ‘Enchanted by the Sun’, Nancy Previs, 210 x 210, linocut, 1/30 - Price: €310, framed €260, 10. ‘To seize upon greatness’, Lee Welch, 137 x 102, acrylic on polyester, - Price: €5,500 11. ‘River Of Time’ Stephen Carolan 14 x 19 Photography Giclee Archival Print 1/50 - Price: €400 Framed 12. ‘One of the Horde’ Pat Byrne, 52 x 38 Oil on Canvas - Price: €480 13. ‘Tomatoes’, Monika Crowley, 31 x 46, Oil on Wooden panel - Price: €950 14. ‘Burnt by water’, Lisa McGann, 3ftx 4ft, installation and photography - Price: €1500 15. ‘Metamorphosis’, Sergio Susperregui, 42 x 35, Ink, marker and pencil - Price: €550 16. ‘Afternoon Coffee’ Kayla Martell, 25 x 30, Oil - Price: €375 17. ‘Dreaming of the place’, Lee Welch, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 25, - Price: €1,000 18. ‘Secret Garden’, Maeve Stafford, 23 x 29, Mixed Media, - Price: €595 19. ‘In Time It Softened’, Bridge Rose, 70 x 70, Acrylic on canvas, - Price: €400 20. ‘Come on Home’, Esther O’Kelly, 100 x 100 (Diptych), Acrylic on Canvas, - Price: €1,550 21. ‘Baby Balloon’, Emmett Cathcart, 61 x 127, Acrylic Spray Paint on reclaimed MDF - Price: €390 22. ‘Eggs Three Ways’, Bonnie Kavanagh, 17.5 x 15 x 7.5 x 3, Porcelain in box frames - Price: €375 23. ‘Sea Spiral’, Aisling Roche, 25.5 x 25.5, Porcelain. - Price: €350 24. ‘Memories of Being Together #5’, Inga Ryan, 48 x 48, Oil on Canvas - Price: €350 euros 25. ‘Rabotnitsy (Women workers)’ John Murray 100 x 100, Acrylic on linen - Price: €2000 26. ‘Paro’, Hugh McClean, 24in × 20in, spray paint, oils, chalk - Price: €850 27. ‘Untitled’, Anne Cooney, 30 x 40cm, Collage, - Price: €170 28. ‘Inner Reflections’, Helen Blair, 48 x 58, Mixed Media - Price: €475 29. ‘Cracked vase, (two layers of fiction)’, Eoin Byrne, 53 x 63, Oil/Charcoal on linen, - Price: €1050 30. ‘Searching’ PIGSY, 39.7 x 31, acrylic, oil/acrylic sticks, crayon, pencil & ink on Paper - Price: €420 31. ‘Dappled Light, Dodder Walk’, Barbara Kelly, 30 x 25 Oil on Linen, - Price: €200. 32. ‘Nature nature’, Eoin Byrne, 53 x 63, Oil/Charcoal on linen, - Price: €1050 33. ‘At Play, Sandymount’, Teri Farrell, 58 x 48, oil on paper - Price: €400 34. ‘Kiss 2’, Daniel Mc Keon, 32 x 42, Fine art Giclée Print on 308gsm Hahemüle Paper. 1/3. - Price: €125. 35. ‘Loose Slate’, Brian Gallagher, 39 x 51, Unique Scraperboard, - Price: €500 36. ‘Liscannor boatman’, Niall Lowney, 73 X 54, Pen and ink on Bristol Board, - Price: €250 37. ‘Ballinaskellig 1 & 2’, Paula Farrell, 51 x 21 1/2 Collagraph Intaglio Fine Art Prints, Price :€ 180 each ( framed ) 38. ‘Barrow valley’ Gerhardt Gallagher, 47 x 58 , Aquatint Etching, 4/20 - Price: €280 39. ‘Dublin Streetlights’, Kevin McSherry, 36in x 24in, Oils on canvas, - Price: €5700 40. ‘How Bright the Light’, Joan Kilfeather, 40 x 40, Oil on canvas - Price: €450 41. ‘Lockdown’, Maria Ginnity, 25 x 25, Oil on deep edge canvas, - Price: €325.00 42. ‘Meet You at the Crossroads’, Paula O Riordan, 20 x 20, Oil on Canvas, - Price: €280 43. ’Regeneration’, Margot Galvin, 20 x15, Screenprint & paint on aluminium, - Price: €180 44. ‘Kiss’, Daniel Lipstein, 12.5 x 8.5, etching & aquatint, 1/50 - Price: €200