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A group of Ranelagh residents came together in 2005 to deliver an innovative and inclusive Arts Festival for the local community from 29th September to 2nd October 2005. Our objective was to establish an annual arts festival for the people of the village and beyond.


The aspiration of the committee was to create a diverse programme with something for everyone. The programme featured local artists and musicians, performances by children from the area, poetry, plays and film, as well as internationally recognised artists.

The Festival typically runs for the last week during September. We continually build on the success of our previous programmes to further broaden our events in the areas of music, literary, poetry, history of Ranelagh and many more.


The Festival works in partnership with many creative individuals and we would like to acknowledge and thank everyone for their invaluable contribution.

The Festival would not have happened without the generous support of many local businesses and the dedication of all those on the committee.

The Ranelagh Arts Festival is:
* An Arts Festival for the community, organised by local residents.

* Committed in our contribution to building a sense of community and celebrating Ranelagh, past and present.

* An opportunity to promote the importance of the arts in people's lives.

* A festival for all age-groups, to be enjoyed by everyone living and working in Ranelagh and surrounding areas.

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