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Ranelagh Festival 2023 is coming
May 12th - 21st 


FRIDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER (ticket covers all the days events)


Housing in Ireland with Lorcan Sirr Panel: Robin Mandal and Rob Curley  

Planning, Policy and Populism: Why can't young couples afford to buy a home and start a family as their parents did. A Generation Rent lives with sky high rents and insecurity. Is 'more supply' by the private sector our only policy option. This conversation is sure to challenge many preconceptions. 


Lisamarie Johnson

Lisemarie clowns around the performing artists and groups on stage, messing with their belongings to hilarious effect. Her act interacts with the unsuspecting audience too, with annoyingly funny interruptions. Trained and specialised in Live Art in Ireland and abroad. Lisemarie has curated many live art events with Irish and International artists and performed her comedy work 'Monkey and me' as part of MAM's annual theatre show at Smock Alley.


The Sheds Performance
Open Session Later

The Sheds are an acoustic trio with Peter Brazier Eileen Fleming, and Frank Hall. Their repertoire--spanning old-timey American mountain music, rags, swing jazz, Irish harp music, LatinAmerican, and quirky pop has a common thread of fun and sun, with the odd dark tune for contrast.

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SATURDAY 24th SEPTEMBER (day ticket covers all events)


Family Yoga with Christine

Free event no ticket needed. Bring your own mat.

Note: incorrect time on flyer - starts 10am not 11am


Anna Bananas Magic Show

Anne has MA in Drama Therapy and works in a child centred way. She has a deep understanding of Children’s developmental and play abilities. She loves witnessing the innate creativity that’s released in children when the imagination is sparked!  

Free event no ticket needed (under 8 kids show)


Ringo: Music Bingo

1,2,3,4! Get ready for Ringo; Music Bingo, the world's greatest music-intro-comedy-game-not-quiz show. It's bingo with bands instead of numbers; with incredible clues and punny jokes. Fun for all the family. Ronan gives you the clues and you tick them off as you go. For example "What do you call it when you bring a book into the toilet?" answer "Lou Reed' 


Best Case Scenario, Fusion Jazz

A Collaborative effort between BIMM students Nora Steiner and Ian Veenman, Best Case Scenario is modern fusion band that brings jazz, blues, and funk influences to a modern sound with recognizable hits and original songs.

Free event no ticket needed


Na Cauci 

Tim Doyle (uilleann pipes, fiddle and concertina), Rachel Duffy (harp and concertina) Oisín Hennessy (fiddle and vocals) and Gerard Lord (guitar) are collectively ‘Na Cauci’. Na Cauci have performed at Irish festivals, supporting Kíla at the ‘Songs by the Sea’ in Glendalough. Their repertoire consists of traditional dance and song tunes suited their particular talents: Original tunes and songs feature from every member of the group

5:00pm    Dublin Ukulele Collective

The Dublin Ukulele Collective (DUC) is a fifty piece harmony band with a feel-good-factor. DUC radically talented musicians include choir harmonisers, sexy(?) middle-aged rockers and teenage funksters. Their repertoire reflects their wide age range. Expect fun, rhythmic songs with a little nostalgia covering Artists - Elbow, Cold Play, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Amy Winehouse, Erazure, Bob Dylan and more. Very much an audience join-in band.


Belle Harmonics

A Choir covering popular songs. Join the epic pop/rock choir Belle Harmonics as they take to the Festival Tent stage with an eclectic set of hits from the modern divas  Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Adele alongside legendary classics from Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and more. The Belles are delighted to be part of Ranelagh Arts Festival and a great singalong night of fun.


Paddy Casey

Paddy Casey has toured the globe with acts like The Pretenders, R.E.M, Ian Brown, Blondie and Tracy Chapman. He has played all over Ireland, including a sold out Dublin Castle, RDS and The Olympia Theatre, alongside U2, Pearl Jam, and Bob Dylan. The release of ‘Addicted To Company, Part 1’ led to a tour across America. Paddy released his fifth album ‘Turn This Ship Around’ alongside his new single ‘Won’t Take Much’ that reflects the upbeat, electric, synth and guitar driven side to the album.


DJ Mona Lxsa

Featured in British Vogue and RTE, Malawian-Irish DJ Mona Lxsa is an open format DJ who captivates experience through music using her platform to promote Dublin culture wherever she goes. Her mix ‘Mind F x C K’ has over 150k streams on Soundcloud. She has worked with high profile brands Heineken, Sky Ireland, Grace O'Malley, Pretty Little Thing and more. Mona also played at the likes of Longitude, Electric Picnic, Body & Soul: Definitely one to watch.

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SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER (day ticket covers all events)


Pilates with Sheena Kennedy

Free event no ticket needed. Bring your own mat.


Emilie Conway: Jazz singer, composer & lyricist

Emilie Conway is an award winning jazz singer, composer and lyricist. She blends her own compositions, spoken word / poetry, with improvised or composed music and her interpretation of familiar and less familiar jazz standards. A perennial Ranelagh Arts favourite!

Free event no ticket needed.

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Millennial League by Kathy Ann Murray

This two hander follows two Millennials, two very different characters who formed a great friendship in their childhood. The pair depict childhood memories of the late 90s, GAA matches, growing up in a rural community, new technology; memories that anyone from this generation would relate too. It’s a fun, energetic and hugely funny piece that focuses on mental health a changing Irish identity.

Free event with Q&A

Millenial League Image.jpeg


Connemarvellous by Bláthnaid Daly

Aife Ryan has been sentenced to three weeks in the Gaeltacht by her parents. A lonely soldier she enters the battlefield reluctantly but things go from bad to worse when she sees and unfriendly face from home. 

B_Daly-166- Connemarvellous.jpeg


Free Wine Tasting & DJ   


Christine Foley

Christine Foley is an writer and poet living in Ranelagh. She has a degree in English from TCD and a Masters in Creative Writing from Oxford University. Her debut novel 'Bodies'  was acquired at auction by John Murrays and will be published in summer 2023. Christine's work has appeared in Skirting Around, Sonder Literary Magazine, Neurological and The Waxed Lemon.

Christine Foley Poet.jpeg


Trophy Wife

Indie Pop Band. 

Hot press  "Inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis, the Dubliner also known as Ruby Smyth boldly incorporates literary and artistic influences into her remarkable output. Penned whilst living in Barcelona, her debut manages to be all squelchy and electro one moment, and primetime Joni Mitchell the next."

TrophyWife face.heic


Comedy Gold

Live stand-up comedy: Emily O'Callaghan, Meg Reilly, Ali Fox, Nghia Mai, Bulba and Diane O'Connor.

Emily O'Callaghan is an event organiser and the founder, curator and promoter of Comedy Gold, a stand-up comedy club featuring a rotating cast of the best of current comedians. Comedy Gold has received exclusively 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor and has travelled to different festivals around Ireland and in Edinburgh.

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