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Our Chair Emer O'Siochru shows the way;

"I thought I would take advantage of a lovely bright freezing day two weeks ago to start a canvas for the Challenge. I selected a view very near my back door following my belief that any and all our lanes are wonderful and worthy of an artwork; the weight of my art gear affected that decision tbh.

This canvas took three one hour sessions outdoors and still needs more finishing indoors. But I think I got the essence of the airplane-less blue Covid 19 sky and the reflective lane surface well. I have still to add the abstract art on the left hand wall. Next canvas will be in acrylics. Life is too short for oils!"

Final Windsor Lane North IMG_7104.jpg
Windsor Lane North - Oils
Emer O'Siochru
Final Windsor Lane South IMG_7103.jpg
Windsor Lane South - Acrylics
Emer O'Siochru
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