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Treasure Hunt Down Back Lanes and Alleys

This challenge is for Sleuths of all Ages (minors should be accompanied).  The clues are a set of photos of hidden ‘treasures’ in Ranelagh and environs. This challenge is less about brainwork than about footwork.  The only way to find the locations of the treasures is to explore the many the back lanes, alleys and hidden places of the Ranelagh area covered by the map.  This is a family challenge that needs old heads as well as young legs to win a prize.  The treasures are weird and wonderful; a beautiful tree, a weathered door, a cast iron gate, clever graffiti, a beautiful view, or odd little building.  Anything can be an artistic treasure!

Again the rules are simple

  • Participants must download and print (or collect) a map of the Ranelagh area showing the secondary lanes and paths

  • They must download (or collect) the photo ‘treasures’ clues.

  • They must then find the locations of all the ‘treasures’ and mark them on the map.

  • They must take a ‘selfie’ with their last found ‘treasure’ and share it with Ranelagh Arts in order to fix the exact time and date.

  • The first three sleuthing groups that return their maps with the most treasure locations identified will be awarded prizes.  Winners will be announced on the Ranelagh Arts website on in February.


The Treasure Hunt Pack is available to download now ( Download Clues and Maps button below) 


Keep your eyes peeled. You might catch Subset Art Collective painting one of their acclaimed public artwork on gable wall!  Be sure to mark that new art treasure on the map too. 

Please register on Eventbrite by clicking on link below and following instructions.

Email: with any queries

More info:

Treasure Hunt Clues 1-32.png
Clues 33-47 2.1.2021.png
Map Ranelagh and Environs 2.1.2020.png
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