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Ranelagh Arts Festival is Nearly here...

We are finalising the 2022 Ranelagh Arts Festival Programme with many new and exciting acts and events to entertain you and with music of all genres:- Mezzo Soprano - Erin Dollard, Popular singer - Mundy, Alternative folk - Shiftwork, and more. There will be Yoga, Magic, Comedy, Films and Poetry as well as Puppets for the kids. Not long to wait for the full run down...

What I can reveal now is that this year many of the festival events will be held under canvas, a large circus tent, in the carpark behind No. 26, Nicks Cafe, in the heart of the Village. This will come as a good news to anyone who has been caught in the recent downpours of rain!

Which reminds me of last year's festival held under then pandemic conditions. We had no choice but to hold all our 2021 Festival events in the open, in a public park and courtyards of Ranelagh and wider area. It turned out to be a blessing because the extraordinary fine weather added much to the joyfulness of the festival week. Here is a video reminder of the Festival 2021 to enjoy.


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