Ranelagh Arts Newsletter, 20th May 2021, Emer O’Siochru

Ranelagh Arts Newsletter,11th December 2020, Emer O’Siochru

The world is in turmoil and Ranelagh Arts is no different.

The world is in turmoil and Ranelagh Arts is no different. Our regular website manager could no longer continue his volunteer work for Ranelagh Arts and for the want of anyone else who could take it over, it has taken this Boomer some time to get up to speed. 


Access and editing rights had to be transferred and new skills learnt to update the website and to publish the newsletter.  Luckily I had some friendly help or you wouldn't be reading this.  Shout out to Reddy!

Things Are Looking Up

The outlook for Ranelagh Arts resuming its popular events and even the annual Festival is looking much more promising for 2021.  We are not entirely there yet however. Our premises at 6 Ranelagh are still closed awaiting a ventilation upgrade to make it safer for visitors.  We expect to hear about our grant application to DCC for the work shortly.


Our recently co-opted board member Monika Crowley is a talented graphic artist and has offered to transform the grubby roller shutter of No 6 with an artwork that reflects our logo celebrating the first ever hot air balloon flight from Ranelagh Park.  So watch that space.

The Laneway Challenges

The Festival and Events Committee are working on the long-awaited results of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Art in the Open’ Challenges that focused on the many lanes and alleyways of Victorian Ranelagh, Rathmines and its environs. 


While the family fun ‘Treasure Hunt’ winners will be announced online, the completed canvases for ‘Art in the Open’ will have a special award event befitting their amazing quality and a Real World exhibition.


We have the perfect spot in mind; undercover, convenient to passers by and not far from our HQ.  I will send out a Newsletter with the finalised dates and venues within the week. 

AGM 2021

Paid up members should have received their invitation to AGM 2021 by e-mail on Wednesday evening 19th May. If you didn’t receive it, please contact us with your preferred email address and indicate if the same email address is used for more than one member so our temperamental database does not get upset.  



There will be several vacancies on the Board to fill. Nomination papers and full information is included with the AGM mailing. We need a range of talents, experience and skills in the new directors – for example finance and fundraising, legal, theatre, arts administration, music, marketing, social media. If you are interested in joining the Board or you know someone who might be and who has the time, commitment and skills to offer please contact me at chairranelagharts@gmail.com with your telephone number and I will fill you in on this challenging task.


Looking forward to seeing you shortly,


Emer O’Siochru 


Our New Home

We are delighted to be able to tell our members that Ranelagh Arts is no longer homeless. Dublin City Council handed over the keys to No. 6 Ranelagh, a small single storey shop opposite the Luas Station, to Ranelagh Arts at noon on Thursday 9th December 2020 - a day for the diary! We wish to put on public record our thanks and deep gratitude to DCC for the use of this ideally located premises on behalf of all our members living in the wider Ranelagh area.

Ranelagh Arts Board is currently busy formulating plans to make No 6 our face to the world.  It is too tiny to host large art exhibitions or music, spoken word productions or the classes and other popular events that we hosted in our previous home. Instead No 6 will serve as our head office, meeting space, ticket office, logistic centre, a venue for smaller exhibitions and perhaps a sales pickup centre to facilitate our member artists and craftspeople – more on that later.  Next week will open our doors once again in Ranelagh high street, just in time to add a little cheer to Christmas. When you see the lights go on in No. 6, please drop in to say hello! 

Working Spaces

But every head needs a functioning body and Ranelagh Arts still needs working production, rehearsal, classrooms, workshop spaces to support our artists and cultural workers. These functions don’t need to be on the high street; they just need a walking distance connection to our HQ. Our Property Subcommittee is currently working on a strategy to access suitable properties that are currently underused or empty. Such buildings can be found in the many back lanes and by ways that abound in our Victorian neighbourhood.  That’s why the Festival Events Subcommittee shone the spotlight on laneways in our original festival plans.  The Subcommittee also sees opportunities for artist workspaces in the upper floors over retail shops and restaurants as the new normal of working at home cuts demand for office space.


Spaced Out Festival Update

Covid-19 put paid to our original Grand Festival vision, but as we remind our loyal members, the individual events can and will be revived and launched once the opportunity arises. The festival events will be spaced out in time and geography as restrictions are lifted.  The first event; A Back lane Treasure Hunt for families will be launched soon.  Watch for announcements.


Virtual Village Fair

Festival Events Subcommittee responded to requests for an on-line market from the disappointed residents of Dartmouth Square when their Christmas craft market idea fell at the last regulatory hurdle. Grace Maguire has come back on board  just in time to liaise with her neighbours on this new initiative.  No. 6 will be opened on certain days and times to be available as a drop off and collection point for sellers and customers.   


New Board Members

Last but not least, Ranelagh Arts is pleased to announce that Grace Maguire and James Casey have joined the Ranelagh Arts board.