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Ranelagh Arts Newsletter: 20th June 2021: Emer O'Siochru

Quick Update

The AGM is over us and our new and enthusiastic Board is finding its feet and slowly getting up to speed.  Our new Board of Directors can be found on our website under ‘Our Team’. 

Getting the Show Back on the Road

Because of impending deadlines, the new Board quickly diverted to helping the Festival and Events Committee prepare submissions for funding and finalising the ‘Challenges’. Our original ‘Art in the Laneways’ competition judge, Plein Air artist Gerard Byrne, could not fit us in June as his work diary filled so quickly when restrictions were lifted. We are very grateful for his friendly advice and encouragement to date and wish him luck with his new projects.  Luckily Monika Crowley found an excellent replacement in Blaise Smith, a Ranelagh-bred, leading Irish figurative artist.  Followers of our Facebook page will have learnt of our progress and of our exhibition to take place on the 26th and 27th June.  See the multi-talented Monika’s video of Finalists below.

Winners will be announced on Facebook in the coming days

The Festival and Events Committee led by Aileen Lebrocque has been busily preparing submissions for the Dublin City Council Open Call for ‘Local Live Performance Programming Scheme - Summer 2021’, deadline 23rd June.  This is a highly competitive call but we are hopeful that at least one of one of our creative ideas for park performances will get into the next round for what looks like a very worthwhile and exciting series of outdoors events over the Summer in Dublin City.

No 6 Ranelagh

We discovered a veritable army of ants had taken up residence in our premises at No. 6 when we opened up to start preparing for our the Art in the Open exhibition.  But an even more urgent problem faced us; to replace the door lock that had become very temperamental about letting anyone in.  Further work may also be needed on the roller shutter as well as the ventilation upgrade before we can invite in the public.  I know members are impatient to see our doors open again and we will get there, eventually.


Emer O’Siochru

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