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The eerie silence from Ranelagh Arts in recent weeks is because we were so busy imagining and preparing to help forget the last fun-less year with the 'Best Festival Ever' link to Festival Programme below. But we will need a lot of help from supporters this year...

The 2021 Festival can only be delivered with your volunteer work because most of the events are outdoors and the venues need to be set up, made safe and monitored according to strict DCC regulations.


We will need, marquee erectors, route markers, seat setters and stackers, leaflet distributors, first aiders, ticket checkers, entrance monitors, cleaner uppers and not to forget, general go-fers. That is a total of 56 different jobs over the 10 days of the Festival. Will you put on blue High Viz vest of the Ranelagh Arts Crew, join in the work and have some fun at the same time?
Remember, all crew get a guaranteed free pass to the event! 

An email will be sent to all our subscribers with more detail and the link to volunteer.

September 2021: At Last We Can Celebrate!
About Ranelagh Arts

Ranelagh Arts is committed to providing a platform and incubation environment for creative and community activities.  Our declared objective is to promote, foster and encourage all forms of the arts and in particular to develop an arts centre for the benefit of the community in Ranelagh and its environs.

Ranelagh Arts has operated since 2005 and our annual Arts Festival has been privileged to include names such as Maureen O’Hara, Neil Jordan, Liam O’Maonlai, Frank McGuinness, Donal Lunny and Ken Doherty to name but a few.

In 2009 we found ourselves a home at 26 Ranelagh from which we ran an all year round programme of exhibitions, live music, poetry readings, creative workshops, cine clubs and many other creative activities designed to connect the community (local and beyond) with artistic and cultural opportunities.  We lost our premises in October 2018 but after a long search we are delighted to say that we have found a new home for Ranelagh Arts  at No. 6 Ranelagh.  Wed are working hard to get it ready and we look forward to welcoming you there as soon as the current Covid restrictions permit.

If you would like to get involved with Ranelagh Arts please feel free to get in touch.

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