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Art in the Open Down Back Lanes and Alleys

This is a painting challenge for adults of all levels of skills.  Unlike a standard ‘Plein Air’ event, you will be relieved to know that participants do not have to finish your canvas on a single day.


The rules are simple

  • Participants must use a standard canvas/s available at our HQ at No. 6. 

  • They must paint your canvas entirely ‘plein air’ or ‘in the open’ but finishing touches inside are permitted.

  • The location is entirely the participant’s choice but it must be an out-of-the-way laneway, alley, side passage or cul-de-sac etc. within Ranelagh and its neighbouring environs.


As daylight is short and the weather can be cruel in mid winter, the deadline for handing in canvases extends to 01/02/2021. The canvases will be put on public exhibition (restrictions permitting) in an open-air tented location to be announced nearer the date. Prizes will be awarded for artwork that catches our expert Judge’s eyes. Results will be announced on this website during the exhibition period. 


Indicate the price for work on the back if you wish to sell them. The canvases will be sold and removed by the buyer as the exhibition continues so it will be worth coming early.

There will be no group event at the exhibition to ensure social distancing.

Book on Eventbrite (link below): €10 donation to cover costs, Concessions available.

Email: with any queries

More info:

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