Ranelagh Arts is a company limited by guarantee and was granted charity status on 28 May 2010.


Our main funder is Dublin City Council. We also get money from Arts Festival Sponsorship, commissions from artists who hold exhibitions with us, contributions towards our overheads from artists who use the studio space at the Centre and from sundry donations.

Below a summary of our 2016 results:

Income & Expenditure Account                  


Income                                                                                                    €28,876                                                                                             



Festival and Events costs                                                 €18,002


Administrative costs

Rates & Service Charges                                   €951                                                                   

Repairs & Maintenance                                    €2,724

Telephone/website/broadband                       €1,066

Light & Heat                                                       €1,362

Financial costs (insurance, bank charges     €2,921


Miscellaneous Expenses                                   €2,072



Deficit for the year                                                                                    (222)


Balance Sheet as at 31 December 2016



Fixed Assets

Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment                        €442

Current assets

Debtors                                         €1,208

Cash at Bank                                €8,381


Creditors                                                             (€9,923)

Net Assets                                                            €108

Members Funds                                                  €108

We have no paid staff. Our regular workers come to us under the TUS scheme (formerly known as the Community Employment Scheme).


Our directors receive no fees or expenses.

The current directors are:


Aileen Lebrocquy       Chair

Tony Strickland          Vice Chair

Caroline Canning

James Casey

Emer Doyle

Grace Maguire

Rory Treanor


Membership of the company is open to all who support the aims of Ranelagh Arts.


The annual membership subscription is €20 (concession rate €5). Please call to the Centre for a membership form.