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Our Friends:

Friends and collaborators are at the very heart of our ethos at Ranelagh Arts and we have been priviliged enough to have forged friendships and built relationships with many local businesses and public bodies throughout the years without whom we could never deliver the service that we do for our community. Unfortunately there isn't enough space in a single website to list all of our friends and contributors but below are just a few who have gone above and beyone in helping and supporting us in delivering our festivals and events throughout the years and have become more than just friends but part of the very fabric of both Ranelagh Arts and the lifeblood of Ranelagh itself.

To these and to all of our friends and contributors we offer a big heart-felt...THANK YOU!

The support ot Dublin City Council has been invaluable to Ranelagh Arts from the very start of the Ranelagh Arts Festival. DCC continue to support and collaborate with Ranelagh Art on initiatives and events throughout the year and it is a relationship we continue to value.

Ranelagh Arts relationship with Sandford Church/Parish has grown throughout the years and it is a relationship we are very grateful to have. Over the years we've had the privilege of holding some of our events in the beautiful church and we look forward to future events and collaborations with Sandford Church/Parish.

We couldn't do what we do without the support, sponsorship and partnership of many wonderful people, bodies and businesses in our locality. Their constant support and commitment to Ranelagh Arts and the facility we provide for our community and the arts in Dublin is always appreciated.

Our Partners

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